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MPH Program Event Public Health Innovation Conference

Theme: “Innovation and Collaboration for Rural Health Community Stengthening”

Kuningan, January 13, 2023 Hotel Grand Cordela, Kuningan-Indonesia

[stikku.ac.id] – The Institute of Health Sciences Kuningan is hosted Public Health Innovation Conference for Master Degree of Public Health Program students, alumni and community partners. This forum will be used by the students to present the results of their innovation in health care and rural community projects, while it will provided the experiences for students to apply the knowledge and skills which acquired for their academic coursework by involving directly in community health challenges.  This conference will also present reputable speakers to enrich the discussions and frame the student experiences with public health perspective.

Certificate: IAKMI (2 SKP)

Key Topics :

  1. Innovation in Public Health
  2. Digital Health Innovation
  3. Machine-learning and artificial intelligence in health
  4. Technology Acceptance in healthcare
  5. Innovation readiness of health care
  6. Adoption and Defussion Health Innovation
  7. Social Innovation in Health
  8. Health promotion in rural area
  9. Community engagement in Public Health



Dr. Abdal Rohim (Rector of Institute of Health Science Kuningan)

Prof. Dr. Hj. Dewi Laelatul Badriah,M.Kes.,AIFO (Head of Bhakti Husada Foundation)

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Neeraj Kak,

Aquity Innovations, Associate Professor in Howard University

“Best Practices of Digitalization in Health Care”

Panel Season-1

Resource person:

  1. Integration of primary health services in Indonesia: Impact on rural community health: Dr. Esty Febriani (COP Momentum/Lecturer of MPH Program IHSK)
  2. Public Health Issues and Health Promotion Strategi in Rural Community and Border Area West Java and Central Java: Dr. Mamlukah (Head of MPH Program ISHK)


  1. District Health Office, Kuningan
  2. Dr. Dwi Nastiti Iswarawanti (SEAMEO Refcon/Lecturer of MPH Program IHSK)

Panel Season-2:

Resource person:

  1. Digital Surveillance: Implementation in public health center in rural area: Cecep Heriana, Ph.D (Indonesian Public Health Association Branch of Kuningan District/Vice Rector of Accademic Affair IHSK)
  2. Community Leadership Outreach HIV Elimination in rural area: Innovation and Collaboration: Dr. Lely Wahyuniar (UNAIDS/Head of Center for Epidemiological Studies)


  1. District Health Office, Majalengka
  2. Dr. Rossi Suparman (Lecturer of MPH Program IHSK/Secretary of District Social Office)

Oral Presentation: MPH Student Level 6 (all), Level 5 (Selected)

Poster Presentation: MPH Student Level 6 (all), Level 5 (Selected)


PHIC – word template poster


  1. MPH Student
  2. Undergraduate Program
  3. Alumni
  4. Other


  1. Oral and Poster Presentation Rp.500.000
  2. Poster/oral presentation Rp. 400.000
  3. Participant Rp. 300.000


Selected article will be publish on :

  1. Journal of Public Health innovation
  2. Journal of Health and Research
  3. Journal Pemberdayaan dan Pendidikan Kesehatan STIKKU
  4. Proceeding




Chairman: Cecep Heriana,Ph.D

Co-Chariman: Dr. Mamlukah


  1. Dr. Lely Wahyuniar (Keynote)
  2. Dr. Rossi Suparman (Paralel Season 1)
  3. Dr. Esty Febriani (Paralel Season 2)


  1. Asep Saepul Kurnia, S.Kom
  2. Karina Ayu Wulandari,S.Gz
  3. Nur Alfi Maulida M, S.KM
  4. Dimas Mahendra,S.KM


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